My first trip to Paris was almost 5 years ago. It was awesome cos I had great company and we went to see Eiffel Tower.Many would believe that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Do you think so too? 

paris 02

paris 14

When you go to Paris except the Eiffel tower another thing that you must see is  “Arc de Triomph”

paris 12

paris 05

Another must see is the Louvre 🙂

paris 13

No matter how old you are, Disney is always so magical! Taking those first steps through the gate, walking down Main Street…. I felt like a kid again!! The happiest, most magical place on earth… in the most romantic city on earth! I wanted to get Mickey Ears, Disneyland Paris souvenirs, ride all the rides.

paris 26

paris 27.jpg

paris 15

The royal gardens of Versailles are a magnificent sight to behold. They seem to stretch into infinity, with their perfectly symmetrical maze-like hedges – but you haven’t truly experienced the gardens until you’ve seen them during a Musical Fountain show!

paris 07

paris 08

paris 09

The final stop on our French Riviera tour was the resort town of Cannes. The Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes curves along the coast and is lined with sandy beaches, upscale boutiques, and luxury hotels. Cannes is know for glamour, celebrities, and its world-famous Cannes Film Festival, attracting celebrities from all over the world, held every year in May.

paris 10

paris 16

Next we made our way up to the tower in Old Town. The tower is a great spot for panoramic views of the city.

paris 17

In the short time I was in Monte Carlo, I absolutely fell in love. Monte Carlo is the perfect mix of the excitement of city life with quiet old town charm. There’s stunning views hidden in narrow, cobblestone shopping streets, gorgeous beaches, fabulous food, gardens, spas, larger-than-life hotels, and everything in the air just seems magical. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing last day in Monaco.

paris 11

paris 23

Paris always has the most amazing food! There is always something new, and I’m always on the hunt to find it. 😉

When you’re in Paris and only have a few meals to plan, you definitely want to make the most of them!!  I rounded up some of my favorite food  from when I was in Paris, and put everything in this one time-saving list for you. If you are looking for some of the best food Paris has to offer, here is our ultimate guide!!

paris 18.jpg


paris 24

paris 25





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