I love Vienna, this is a gorgeous city! It is so colorful and lively, with so much old world charm. There is ton to do and see. Vienna is also a fabulous foodie city!

viena 02

This gorgeous Greek-style house of parliament comes complete with fountains and a statue of Athena out front. Not only does this building have the expected committee rooms and libraries inside, but there are also dining rooms, bars and even gyms!

viena 07.jpg

I loved these fun red flowers planted in the shape of a treble clef in front of the Mozart Statue in the Burggarten Garden. 

viena 08.jpg

How funky is this apartment building in Vienna?? Young, hip residents of Vienna apply to live here, and once accepted, are allowed to live here for a few months at a time.

viena 09.jpg

Schönbrunn Palace was the 1,441-room summer home to the Habsburg emperors of Austria. This wasn’t even their regular palace. This was just their summer place. It’s modeled after Versailles, and even has it’s own Hall of Mirrors. Marie Antoinette grew up here, before moving to Versailles.

viena 13.jpg

Like Versailles, Schönbrunn has large, beautifully sculptured gardens in the back.

viena 12.jpg

viena 11.jpg

Chocolate was voted one of the Best Desserts Around the World for their chocolates, truffles, and pralines. Of course we had to try some! I loved their creamy truffle!

viena 10.jpg

viena 14.jpg




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