Travel make up :)

I’m very happy because  the past weekend I was out in Berovo (a town on the east of Macedonia). Three friends of mine and me went to vacation in my house there. We had a really nice time and it was very good because it helped me to disconnect after my work period. We visited the town, we had lunch in a really cool restaurant and we went out to a disco. 

What I wanted to share with you is the make up that I took with me on this little trip. I’m not saying you should necessary bring make up with you, because the best make up you can wear, is your smile.

make up 03

The most essential things that I brought and I can’t live without are my black eye liner, my red lipstick, my lip gloss,  for my eye lashes I packed my mascara, my foundation that I really love it and my eye shadows.

make up 02

So now I’m packed and ready for my next weekend adventure 🙂

make up 01.jpg


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