make up for 3 $

 Use gray shades on your eyes, bronze shades on your cheeks, and nude shade on your lips to create a gorgeous, monochromatic bombshell effect.picture 01

Line your top and bottom lash lines, and choose a light pink-champagne shadow to top your lids for a lighter, yet still dramatic look. Then apply a peach blush onto the apples of your cheeks and run a dusty rose lipstick over your pout.

picture 03

To achieve a stunning, monochromatic makeup look, sweep a wash of white shadow over your eyelids, intensifying the color at the outer corners to create a subtle winged effect. Next, line your eyes with black eyeliner, add mascara, and blend on a dusty rose blush. Finish your look by swiping on a lipstick to bring the entire look together.picture 10

If you normally wear a smoky eye and bold purplish-pink lip, don’t be afraid to wear that smoldering combo. However, if it’s not a normal look you wear, don’t start experimenting.picture 02